OkCupid Coins New Term “VILF” (Voter Let me… Ya Know)


OkCupid Encourages Voter Registration With New ‘VILF’ Campaign

Because the launch of OkCupid&#39s Voter 2020 badge earlier this year, the dating application reports that 125,000 people over the U . s . States have added it for their dating profile. Now, they are launching an advertisement campaign to get the word out using the ultimate hope of having much more individuals to exercise their to election this Election Day.

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OkCupid&#39s SFW approach includes posters, in-person occasions as well as an movie that spoofs individuals cheesy political attack ads everyone knows and begrudgingly type of love.&nbsp

The ad is centered on a make believe (but most likely very familiar) character named Trevor who &quotcan flex his abs, his jaw. and the volunteer use children.&quot The ad&#39s dramatic voice-over continues, &quotbut he is able to&#39t flex his voter pin while he never registered.&quot

The satirical video includes the stellar line, &quotA-list looks can&#39t compensate for D-bag values,&quot while advocating viewers not to end up like Trevor. At its conclusion, the ad encourages viewers to join up to election and become a… VILF. Curious exactly what a VILF is? Well, it&#39s a spin around the familiar MILF acronym, with this particular one standing&nbspfor &mdash you suspected it &mdash &quotVoter I&#39d Prefer to F***.&quot

Should you&#39ve already done your behalf and registered to election, amazing!&nbspOkCupid users allow potential dates know exactly that with the addition of the application&#39s Voter 2020 badge for their dating profile. It ought to be noted that registered voters are 85 % more prone to get a message around the application, so consider exercising your to election because the ultimate&nbspturn-on at this time. The application also launched a Voter 2020 Stack earlier this year to assist registered voters connect easier.

&quotIs the action of voting inherently super hot? Not. Are you currently much less attractive if you do not? Obviously,&quot mentioned Bianca Guimaraes and Kevin Mulroy, co-Executive Creative Company directors at Mischief, the marketing agency that helped OkCupid using the ads. &quotThis campaign celebrates all of the VILFs available doing their hot, sexy social duty.&quot&nbsp

In the event that doesn&#39t encourage folks to join up and also have their voice counted within the presidential election on&nbspNov. 3, we&#39re less than sure what’s going to.

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